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    地 址:張家口高新技術產業開發區通泰大街6號
    電 話:0313-5953535 5953505
    網 址:www.quoits.cn
    郵 箱:sales@parsonszjk.com
    郵 編:075000

    高強度、高耐磨梯齒型接鏈環采用了富含Cr, Ni, Mo元素的高合金鋼制造而成,在可控氣氛多用爐中完成滲碳熱處理工藝,具有高耐磨(硬度 HV800 以上,滲碳深度0.1d,有效硬化層深度0.05d)、高強度(破斷應力400N/mm2 以上)、安裝方便(水平和垂直都能使用)的特點,廣泛應用在電廠撈渣機傳動系統上,并可提供常規熱處理的通用型接鏈環。高強度、高耐磨梯齒型接鏈環中環外形尺寸符合DIN22258 Part1 和MT/T99標準要求。


    The high stregth, high abrasion resistant TF connector is manufactured by the high alloy steel include the Cr,Ni, Mo element. Heat treatment finished in the air controlled furnaces enabled the products has the feature of high abrasion resistant (Hardness over HV800, Carburization Depth 0.1d, Effective Hardened Layer0.05d), high stregth (Breaking Force over 400N/mm2), easy installment( Both horizontally and vertically used ) and used widely in the slag-dredger conveying system of the generating station. We also offer universal chain connector.The size of the high stregth, high abrasion resistant arc-tooth connector meet the requirements of DIN22258 Part and MT/T99. Please be aware of the fitting direction when assembling for vertical use, keep the top arrow direction same with the transmission direction.


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