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    TF接鏈環符合DIN22258 Part1 1983標準,在制造過程中選擇了富含Cr、Ni、Mo合金元素的高合金鋼和多重熱處理工藝,以確保其與配套的鏈輪配合,安全運行,TF環表面經過特殊防腐處理,延長了使用壽命。


    TF- tooth Connector(for vertical and horizontal use, horizontal link connector is preference)

    The TF- tooth connector comply to the standard DIN 22258 part 1. The tensile and fatigue performance is particularly impressive and has been achieved by careful selection of raw material include Cr,Ni and Mo and heat treatment during the manufacturing process. The perfect engagement with sprocket either in Horizontal or Vertical has been achived. The surfaces of TF-tooth connector have been treated through anti-corrosion process to expand its work life.

    Please be aware of the fitting direction when assembling for vertical use, keep the top arrow direction same with the transmission direction.

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