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    Based on their different usage ,Chain Lock and V lock are designed variously to maintain the optimized mechanical properties and work life ,thus make it fit with the chain in G100(Grade D)


    Mechanical property diagram presenting Comparative standard between ours and DIN 22258


    Mechanical property chart for chain lock connetor


    size and weight

    “鏈鎖”式接鏈環是專門為連接“標準”型圓環鏈和“緊湊”鏈而設計。其外形大小符合DIN22259 Part2 1983標準的要求,在制造過程中選擇了富含Cr、Ni、Mo、合金元素的高合金鋼和多重熱處理工藝,以確保“鏈鎖”式接鏈環(只可安裝于水平使用)與配套鏈輪的“”配合,安全運行。固定螺釘經過防腐處理,利于拆除。鏈鎖式連接環中間塊固定有三種形式,用戶可根據安裝習慣、工況自行選擇。

    Chain lock connectors have been designed specially for joining together Mining chains of either standard or Xtra quality.This performance has been achieved through careful choice of materials and heat treatment  whilst keeping the dimension properties for the mechanical joint within DIN 22258 part 2 1983.This ensure that chain lock connectors -which must be installed in the horizon-tal plane of chain only-with safely negotiate sprockets that have been designed with this speciation and requirement in mind. The Securing screw is anti-corrosion to assist in removal .Three methods of fixing the Spacer lock can be selected according to the assembly habit or working condition. 

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